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Genuine faith is expressed in sincere love for God and Our neighbors .In Mathew 25:40 says that doing good to "one of the least of these Brothers of mine was something you did for me".A concern for the social issues is born out our desire to love God that translates love for neighbors.

It is a daunting task to aid those in desperate need of proper care especially people who are unable to look after themselves and abandoned and rejected by their family members.Gilgal Aswasa Bhavan, as a group of like minded brethren who desire to pool together their mind and resources to help those who are in thier need of food, shelter, care, concern and fellowship, looked after and cared these people in all aspects of mental, physical, and spiritual rehabilitation. We are focused to release those with differently disabled, affirming the dignity, worth and unique purpose of human being. Presently nearly 120 members are being accomodated here.

We are committed to cater the needs of old aged, mentally challenged, and physically handicapped under the active leadership of Pr.Jacob Joseph. We ask your holistic support in sowing the seeds of hope and help towards these ministries.

Gilgal mental care centre

Mental illness in recent times is an increasing phenomena. There are lots of unhealthy and undesirable treatment Practices still prevailing in our country. Often they are subject to cruelty of being beaten up, tied up in chains, or otherwise locked in tiny rooms. Some time their family members abandon them causing them to be a public nuisance.One of the most heart-rending sights on our streets: the mentally-ill roadside destitute, living off the streets but the society doesn't come forward to help them. Various superstitious beliefs are attached to mental illness Patients have no where to go to and thus need a helping hand (therapeutic treatment) that will restore them back in their normal life. Unfortunately, though charitable organizations exist which deal with the plight of destitutes in general, they are invariably reluctant to accept mentally ill destitutes, possibly because of an inherent fear of mental illness, and perhaps the fear that taking in a mentally ill patient may result in injury to the other inmates and staff and possibly because of an absence of readily available services of trained professionals from the psychiatric fields. We in Gilgal Aswasa Bhavan Provides institutional care for those mentally deranged by giving proper care and medication.

Gilgal oldage care centre

Due to modernization and industrialization the traditional bond relationship between family member are disintegrating. There are many elderly people not cared for and cast out of their houses. They end up in despair and agony. Who knows tomorrow we will not be victim of such situation. Gilgal Ashwasa Bhavan is actively planning to open up a large wing to cater to this kind of situation. For its fulfillment we appeal for your wholehearted support.

Gilgal care centre for physically challenged

Physically challenged people, by birth or due to polio or sickness or due to accidents are looked after and cared for here with the limited resources. Wheel chairs, crutches, calipers etc. are provided. With the loving care they get here they renew their energy and hope. The physically handicapped should receive love, care, acceptance and respect through physical, mental and psychological rehabilitation. Their family members and society neglect many of these people. They are helpless, homeless, sick and abandoned. But they are human beings, created in the image and likeness of God, like you and me! They deserve a life with dignity.

Alzhiemer's care centre

Most elderly people suffer from Alzheimer's, brings with it a continued deterioration of the patient and the world around him/her. It is a disease which more than physical pain is a mental journey into carelessness, forgetfulness, memory loss etc. when the nerve cells in the brain degenerate and brain substance shrinks. Today in India there are 3 million people suffering from this debilitating disease. Approximately 5 - 10% of the population over the age of 65 shows some sign of Alzheimer's.

Many of us are unaware about this disease. They need comfort, companionship and care with concern. They are our parents and it is the duty of the society to render assistance to them. Gilgal Aswasa bhavan actively involving in taking care of Alzheimer's. We as a team has formed some important tips and strategies to cope up with the cognitive and behavioral symptoms of the disease. Our staffs are effectively communicate with these patients and successful in reducing the inappropriate behaviors.Moreover we conduct awareness programmes in different parts of India.

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