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The unexpected came in to her life like a thyphoon when she thought she was on top of the world and that all her desires for luxurious life has been fulfilled. It happened all of a sudden, Her two darling teen age children passed away one after the other due to blood cancer. Her only support in life, her ever loving husband passed away soon after due to heart failure. She was coersed into marriage a second time believing that she would be taken care of. Alas! before long he also passed away leaving her alone in the world with no one to take care of and with no sustenance at all. “Why should I be a burden to this world, let me better die” she prayed to God. At this time Pastor Jacob Joseph who is lovingly called Prince came to this place, Mezhuveli, to minister the IPC Church there. Immediately he was confronted with the heart rendig problem of Annammamma and he started searching for a place of refuge for her. But all he could see was many such people crying for help. He spent sleepless nights crying to the Lord to open a way to help these destitutes. When he shared this burden with his young wife she initially hesitated but later gladly joined her husband in his pursuit. His very close associate Pastor Jomon Johney also most willingly agreed to join him. The large hearted Mr. T.V.Varghese of Pengattu most graciously agreed to let his house at Nedumprathumala, Eraviperoor as a place of refuge,without even charging any rent and the house of refuge opened its door on 9 Oct.2000 with its first inmate, the above mentioned Mrs.Annamma.

Later, 18 more people with similar burden in their hearts, decided to join in this noble project and the 20 together formed a Charitable Trust and registered with the Government at the Sub-Registrar Office, Tiruvalla with No.1309 in May 2001.With the help of Trust Members and well wishers the land admeasuring 2.64 acres was acquired at a cost of 2.5 million of rupees and a two storied building with 17 rooms with all necessary facilities was constructed at a cost of Rs.3 million. Presently there are 95 most needy people of different ages and varying health conditions live happily here. All their needs are met with generous contribution of truse members and well wishers from here and abroad. The God Almighty is helping this project to grow. Many many deserving people who have lost all hopes in life are eagerly awaiting to come under the shelter of this haven. Our resources are limited.Your earnest prayer and co-operation will be greatly appreciated.

There are a few co-ordinators working in different parts of the world whose selfless efforts and co-operation are a source of strength and comfort.

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