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37 year old Saji fell 25 feet down from a tree while he was cutting the branches. He was then 25 years old. He could remember that the legs trembled a bit at that time. Ever since from waist down he has absolutely no sensation at all, even for his physical needs. He came to Gilgal and is cared for and can move around with the help of the calipers provided to him.

The only son of his parents Jainu was quite healthy until he was two years old. At this age he suffered with epilepsy and lost his mental balance. After the death of his father the mother could not control his occasional violent spurts and was kept in chain in a single room for seven years. He was freed and brought to Gilgal where he is now the darling son to all, making every one happy with his singing etc…. Mentally challenged people are increasing in our society due to present day living conditions. Gilgal Ashwasa Bhavan is actively planning to open up a new wing to take in more mentally challenged people to give them love and comfort. We appeal to you for your prayerful support in this venture. There are ever so many cases like the few above mentioned, around us. We cannot just ignore them because it is not affecting us. We are to praise God for giving us good health and peace of mind. At the same time we should be concerned about it and allow ourselves to help in whatever way possible.

Her only surviving daughter Padmavathy became a mental patient. They lost every possession and finally lived in a rented room with Padmavathy in chains. Lost all hopes and they thought they have come to the end of the tunnel. Then, like an angel Pastor Jacob Jospeh came to their rescue and brought them to Gilgal. Now after 4 years Padmavathy is a totally changed person with good health and find solace in prayer and worship.

An One fine morning 61 year old Rajappan came to Gilgal Aswasa Bhavan just for a meal with his stinking body, long beard, and dirty dress. Nobody feel like getting near to him because of the fouled odor coming out of his body. Our heart did not allowed to send back him to street for begging. After two hours of giving bathing and shaving he became a new man. Now he is very happy being with us.

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