To inculcate eminence through care support for the destitute

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About Us


The fruition of a vision, that has manifested immense dedication and sacrifice by a couple, PASTOR JACOB JOSEPH (PRINCE) and his wife SISTER SOSAMMA JACOB (SALLY), in the year 1995, as guided by the ‘Almighty God’, through prayer in a vision, to structure a homelike edifice(s) for the homeless, rejected, unloved, forsaken, loathed, ostracized, neglected, impoverished being(s) of our society.

GILGAL ASHWASA BHAVAN, is a registered ‘CHARITABLE TRUST’ located near Eraviperoor Thiruvalla, Kerala – India. Since its inception in the year 2000 of an ordeal but also exhilarating journey, is an abode under the Almighty God’s protection where we inculcate a Christlikeness behaviour to all our inmates. As of today we have had more than 1000 inmates and at present, we have 350 inmates who are in the process of recuperation.

We are committed to provide love and care unceasingly as well as punctiliously to all our convalescents and residents, also to substantiate, physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing to all inmates.

Our Vision

“To Inculcate Eminence through Care Support for the destitute” consequently, leave a legacy of excellence in service.

Our Mission

GILGAL ASHWASA BHAVAN is devoted to serve and improve, the overall factual situation(s) and health condition(s) of those we serve, by ensuring everyone is provided with their requisite of life, experience seamless love, care, support, compassion, and fellowship with one another, irrespective of their religion, caste, gender, colour and age. Our mission also defines significance to honour the individual(s) dignity, to empower them and give hope to live in peace in their hardest time.

Our Services

GILGAL ASHWASA BHAVAN transcends its limits when it comes to helping out the needy to provide companionship and support not only within, but also among the society, through its social services in the community.

Our Inmates

Inmates that we have, and had served since the last two decades are people between the age group of 18-80+, who have been forsaken, dejected, and are encountered with various disabilities like:-

Alzheimer’s Care Cerebral Palsy & Autism
Pain & Palliative Care Psychiatric Disorders Physically Handicapped:-
 ✓ Genetically Challenged
 ✓ Handicapped due to Accidents
 ✓ Amputated due to serious disease
 ✓ Deaf & Dumb
 ✓ Visually Impaired
 ✓ Mental Retarded
Dementia Spinal Cord Injury