To inculcate eminence through care support for the destitute

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‘It is for a certitude, a discomfort to see the agony of a Widow(s) or a Mother(s) left isolated in life’

It all started with a Widow, testifying her isolated life…

GILGAL ASHWASA BHAVAN traces its inspiration to THE LATE MRS. ANNAMMA VARGHESE, a widow from a middle class family, who once had all the luxuries of life, but later in a very short span of time in her life, lost everything, as a result of the uncertain tragic events which materialized in her life.

She shared her life’s story to PASTOR JACOB JOSEPH (PRINCE) and his wife SISTER SOSAMMA JACOB (SALLY), where they were heartbroken to hear and witness, her dejected life, its outcome(s) and its realities, as well as to furthermore understand that there were significantly more individuals suffering in the same manner. At the time, as Pastor Prince and Sister Sally were pastoring at a prestigious church in Kerala-India, they felt the need to support the Widow, by finding her a shelter to stay, only later to find themselves disappointed. Many knocked doors were closed, old age homes and other support groups were not able to accommodate the widow. As it was heart-breaking to see the widow being more isolated, Pastor and his wife Sister Sally decided to give the Widow shelter in their own small house. As days passed, Pastor Prince was surprised to know that there were a growing community of old age individuals who were isolated, most of them having mental and physical illness, and they had no adequate old age care homes especially for the destitute.

After a five year of praying and preparation, Pastor Prince and his wife Sister Sally, made a resolute decision to leave all their comforts in life as well as their only job, serving as a Spiritual Minister of a prestigious church in Kerala India, decided to serve the destitute, and to initiate assiduously, excellence through Care Support. In the year 2000, GILGAL ASHWASA BHAVAN was incepted in a rented home with a three room facility, accompanied by Sister, The Late Mrs. Annamma Varghese.

Little did, Pastor Prince, and his beloved wife Sally know that, all the sacrifices they made in life would only later create a movement that would transform thousands of lives. In spite of all the challenges, threats, betrays, abandons, protest, objections, tests and broken promises from various groups, especially trusted ones, the Almighty God miraculously manifested ways to provide their needs by opening many individuals hearts to support the GILGAL FAMILY not only in its toughest times but also to be consistent to support the vision, so that the inmates of Gilgal Ashwasa bhavan would never be in lack of medicine and their requisite of life.

THE GILGAL HOME, from the beginning till a few years’ time, had very little provisions like, lack of drinking water, shortage of food, minimal electricity supply, less facilities for the inmates including clothing, crowded stay rooms, lack of transportation and above all insufficiency in Medicine(s).

Pastor Prince and his family had to give it all they had for themselves, to provide the needs of the inmates for each day. Month by month the number of inmates only increased, where in it came a time that all the rooms including the living space, dining hall, and the kitchen too had to be filled with medical beds.

While going through this face of struggle, to Pastor Prince Astonishment, the owner of the land decided to sell his property to the GILGAL HOME. Pastor Prince and Sister Sally had nothing to offer to buy the land, but believed in prayer that by faith, God would provide financially for the land. In course of time miraculously, many individuals offered support which later in time the GILGAL HOME finally could buy a property of two acre and 64 Cent and start the journey to serve many more individuals. ‘Rest goes as History’. GILGAL ASHWASA BHAVAN’S only income, is by the help of our Donors across the country and the Globe. We also have volunteers who are contentedly helping us, from in and around the society.

Today the GILGAL HOME has been granting life changing experiences for the homeless, rejected, unloved, forsaken, loathed, ostracized, neglected, impoverished being(s) of our society for over two decades. Since its inception, over 1000 inmates have been served and many cured from their illness, some even were able to receive a blessed ending in life dying peacefully at the GILGAL HOME. Today we have 350 inmates at one time to take care of by a team of well trained and educated professional staffs in the institute, to serve all our inmates with love and care.

GILGAL ASHWASA BHAVAN has collectively enabled to make a unique difference in the method of “SERVING BY FAITH” for the Destitute.